Thursday 11 April 2013 09:30 - 10:30

Keynote d'ouverture avec Robert Richman on "Culture Hacking"

Why is that some companies can succeed in a down economy, while a market leader can be disrupted by a startup? Any organization can be lucky, but to sustain it over time requires a strong culture. The same is true for Scrum. Teams with strong cultures deliver repeatable business success, adapt to challenges, and grow more connected over time.

Up until now, culture development has required long development cycles to build alignment, but like any system, culture can be hacked. It does not require an MBA or even a leadership title. Hackers know how to find a place where one small change can produce a significant impact.

In this session with former Culture Strategist, Robert Richman, you will learn:

- How to think like a hacker when it comes to culture
- How to see culture as a system
- The leverage points to work with a team
- How to turn conflict into creativity
- The instant change that can shift any team

This session will go beyond the academic, into the real, practical, and actionable.

Amphithéatre Descartes Keynote

Presented by Robert Richman

coach, culture hacker, organizational designer, and corporate shaman at ex Zappos Insights

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